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Dugout Captain

Helping coaches help kids to make baseball fun again!


  • Athlete Development Plan - PONY-specific curriculum for development from tee ball through age 14.
  • Practice Plans - Ready-made practice plans to achieve development goals at each age level
    (200+ plans offered in 60, 90, or 120-minute formats).
  • Drill Library - 150+ unique drill detail pages, including video, text description, diagram, DC coaching keys, and equipment list.
  • Skill Training - How-to-Coach video series for skill training in Hitting, Pitching, Catching, and Infield.
  • Tips - Coaching tips life lessons, and DC philosophy videos supporting PONY's commitment to developing champions on and off the field 
  • Digital Clipboard - Drag-and-drop drills and practice plans and shared with assistant coaches and athlete families.
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Drill Videos 

Practice Plans 

Practice Planning 101 

Check out the video of Dugout Captain's clinic with Great Neck PONY League in Virginia Bech, Virginia below:



PONY Baseball and Softball and Dugout Captain announce Multi-Year Sponsorship and Marketing Partnership

WASHINGTON, Pennsylvania (Aug. 23) - PONY Baseball and Softball and Dugout Captain, Inc. today announced a multi-year partnership agreement that will make Dugout Captain, Inc. the official Practice Planning Tool of PONY.

“One of the things we have haven’t done a very good job of as an industry is provide educational tools to our coaches,” said Abe Key, President and CEO of PONY Baseball and Softball, Inc. “PONY Baseball and Softball is proud to partner with Dugout Captain, a trailblazer in providing online coaching support tools. Dugout Captain has the expertise, and more importantly, the integrity to lead our collective community in the quest to make baseball fun again.”

“Dugout Captain serves as your PONY league’s accountability partner,” stated Dan Keller, Dugout Captain President and CEO. “The shared goal of Dugout Captain and PONY league presidents, coaches, and member families, is the development of community youth as athletes and individuals.”

Dugout Captain fills the board member seat titled Athlete Development, which holds coaches accountable to the principals and philosophy of positive development. The DC offering provides a curriculum, practice plans, drill library as well as resources, support forums, and a way to get coaching questions answered professionally and consistently. Dugout Captain remains dedicated to development. It doesn’t get busy once games start, it’s always available, and it can stay with the coaches long after the league training clinic finishes up. Coaches can be held to a higher standard.

Each season starts with strong momentum, energy, and fresh vigor to uphold the philosophies of community and development. We will do great things for the community, keep the peace between coaches, encourage fans to cheer, and treat our umpires with respect. We will ensure a positive experience is had by every family in the league!  Inevitably, when the season comes, games begin, and life gets very, very busy. The ideas about leading a league that’s above parent complaints and schemes to win at all cost fall by the wayside. It’s not that they aren’t still important, it’s just that there’s only so much you can do. As a leader of a league or team, your role becomes putting out fires, dealing with drama, and navigating the trials and tribulations of large groups of families.  Dugout Captain is here to help. Dugout Captain is YOUR PONY league’s tool.

•         Coaches - Dugout Captain ensures that every coach can run a great practice.  One that is structured, entertaining, and efficient. One that provides the volunteer coaches the opportunity to teach, the material to follow, and the tricks, tips, and suggestions to make their valuable time spent coaching more fulfilling.

•         Athletes - Dugout Captain ensures that every athlete has a smile on their face. Coaches practices provide each athlete with adequate instruction, repetition, and fun!  While no one can guarantee athletic development, Dugout Captain significantly increases those chances.  And does so while raising the likelihood that the same athlete will return to play another season.

•         League - Dugout Captain ensures that the league maintains a high level of integrity, excellence, and commitment to development of the individual. When competition heats up and schedules get busy, the league’s philosophy and core values are not shoved into the corner. Coaches are held accountable to the standard principles of positive development and Protecting Our Nation’s Youth never becomes a forgotten slogan or inconvenient catchphrase.

Dugout Captain is committed to creating a positive, fun, and developmental environment for young athletes. The company offers a suite of coaches tools designed to empower any coach to run a great practice. The ‘share’ features of the digital clipboard put practice plans in the hands of assistant coaches and team parents before reaching the field.

“Ready-made practice plan templates ensure that athletes experience an enjoyable and effective workout, with fun, competitive, and exciting drills,” concluded Key. “Our relationship with Dugout Captain will enhance the PONY experience for all.” 

ABOUT Dugout Captain
Dugout Captain, Inc. is a web-based coach’s tool aimed at putting smiles on kids faces through a more positive baseball experience. The mission at Dugout Captain is to make practice fun, retain and grow participation numbers, and thus provide young men and women the opportunity to learn valuable life skills through positive competition.

Launching November 25th, 2016, offers a sleek, digital clipboard tool with share-technology, allowing coaches and parents to learn, use, and apply a proprietary knowledge base of baseball content. Drill videos, coaching tips, skill-training, and a full library of prepared practice plans are provided along with clipboard tool to assist ANY coach in effectively teaching the game. Dugout Captain provides (and practice plans follow) a complete athlete-development curriculum aimed at making baseball fun again for athletes, as well as the coaches and parents involved in their development. Additionally, Dugout Captain provides skill-training protocol to teach hitting, pitching, fielding and catching mechanics, and a database of support tips.

To visit Dugout Captain, go here.

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