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Tournament Eligibility


Teams must be sanctioned through PONY Baseball/Softball in order to be eligible for tournament competition.  Teams must fill out a Tournament Application and submit that along with the fee to their Division Director.  Tournament Teams must carry at least 12 and no more than 15 (18 in Colt and Palomino) on their Eligibility Affidavit.  Teams shall have adhered to the League Eligibility and Team Eligibility as listed in the PONY Baseball Rulebook.


To be a legal player for PONY Sanction Tournaments, “tournament players shall: 

  • Be of proper age, as stated in these rules;
  • Reside within the boundaries of the league represented by the tournament team;
  • Have participated in at least one-half of a team’s games in the league  represented unless excused because of a scholastic competition.
  • Comply with the rules and regulations for league and tournament play.
Tournament team players shall be required to wear an official tournament team emblem, sewn on the right sleeve of the uniform, when participating in tournament play at all levels.”

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