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   Central Region - Santa Clara & Alameda CountiesPrint Page

West Zone  
North Division - Central Region
  Santa Clara County, parts of Alameda County

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Last updated 1/7/2015

on boundaries and league information.



Shetland , Pinto, Mustang, Bronco Boundaries and now Santa Clara County.

Pony Division (13-14 Yr Old) is now open to Santa Clara County boundaries .

Fremont Baseball is Alameda County Boundaries

Colt and Palomino and Thorobred  boundaries are North of Bakersfield to the Oregon border to Nevada border.

Pre-Tournament Meetings


Manager and Coaches must attend meeting. They must bring Tournament Affidavit,  COMPLETED with Birth Certificates, Proof of Residency, Medical Release forms for each player (copies, see below) plus League Insurance form. Affidavit must be signed by League President or Player Agent of the League.

Please see below for more Informtion 


Important Reminder:  

Please ensure all board members, coaches, players and their families are familiar with your current league boundaries.  League boundaries for ALL STAR eligibility are based on where you LIVE and not where you choose to play or go to school.

 Proof of Residency* is required for all players that will participate in Pony Sanctioned Tournaments.  


*Rule: 4 (F) ... "Only players whose residence, as determined by the residence of their parents or legal guardians is within the approved league boundaries shall be considered "legal" players for tournament play."

If at any time you need clarification regarding your league boundaries, please contact your League President.         

1.  Completed Affidavits -
     a.  Be sure to choose the correct division.
     b.  Print 4 completed copies - 
          One copy goes to the Official Scorekeeper at the game 
copies goes to the Tournament Director
          Pony-13 Teams shall consist of:
          Minimum 12 players, maximum 15 players plus 3 coaches (4 coaches in Shetland )
          Teams shall consist of:
          Minimum 12 players, maximum 18 players plus 3 coaches 
     e.  Player's full LEGAL name (First, Middle, Last), as it
          appears on their Birth Certificate.
2.  Birth Certificates
3.  Team and individual player picture
4.  Proof of Insurance - Copy of current League Insurance
5.  Proof of Residence
Acceptable forms of proof of residency include Electric,
          water or garbage bills, or parents driver's license (copy) if needed.
     b.  Items not accepted as proof of residency include:
          credit card, medical, or cell phone bills.
6.  Medical Release Forms - For additional copies,
     Click Here.

Simplified Bat Rules:
No two and three quarter inch (2-3/4") diameter bats are allowed at any level of play.

Two and five-eighth inch (2-5/8") diameter bats that weigh minus 3 (-3) bats must have the BBCOR .50 stamp on them are legal, as long as they are designed for baseball use.

Two and five-eighth inch (2-5/8") diameter bats that weigh minus 4 (-4) through minus 13 (-13) bats are legal as long as they do not exceed 42 inches in length, as long as they are designed for baseball use.

Two and one-quarter (2-1/4") diameter bats must have a BPF of 1.15 or less stamped on them and they must also have the Approved for PONY Baseball stamped on them as well.

T-ball bat are only allowed when hitting off a tee and using a safety ball. (Not allowed when a coach or pitching machine delivers the pitch)

Coach-pitch bats are allowed in coach pitch divisions when using a safety ball.
(Not allowed when hitting off a tee or when a pitching machine delivers the pitch)


Please read the PENALTIES for use of an ILLEGAL BAT.
(Details are posted on the PONY home page)
Getting ready for the 2015 season?
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Links for Non-Profit League Management:
The Pony Blue Book - Click here to view.
California Office of the Attorney General - Click here to view.
- Annual Registration Renewal Fee Report FORM RRF-1  
- About Raffles - Click here to view.
- California Corporations Code - Click here to view.
IRS - File form 990 or 990-EZ annually
- ABOUT FORM 990 AND FORM 990-EZ - Click to view.
- Tax Information for Charities - Click here to view.
- Internal Revenue Manual -7.Rulings and Agreements - Click here to view
California Secretary of State - Click here to view
- FORM SI-100  Every domestic nonprofit, credit union and consumer cooperative corporation shall file a Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State, within 90 days after filing of its original Articles of Incorporation, and biennially thereafter during the applicable filing period.  
LexisNexis: Background Screening:


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 West Zone Vice-President:
Joe Gagliardi: 
Any questions, please call Abel Hernandez -Division Director
Abel Hernandez
Region Director
Eddie Kubo: 
Assistant Region Director  
Gary Ferraro
Section Director
Mary Anne McShea :  photo         
Section Director
Mike White       
 Section Director 
Louie Andrade : 
 Section  Director
John Melero

Section Director
Tim Harrington

Section Director 

Gordon Kanagaki
                                                          Section Director
                                                            Harry Coate
Please contact me personally  or any of the above directors and we will be pleased to provide you with any information you require. Pony can also send you a video and info packet directly to your address at no charge.  
PONY Baseball and Softball National. You can call at 724-225-1060; fax us at 724-225-9852, e-mail us at: or write to us at PONY Baseball and Softball at P.O. Box 225, Washington, PA 15301. Use the "Contact us" link in the main menu for more.
 Frequently asked "and Under Program" Questions

WZ Girls Softball
The Pony Girls Softball program is growing in NorCal.
If your interested please contact:
Anna Huebner WZ NorCal Softball Director
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Blossom Valley Pony 
President John Hughes
 Campbell Pony Baseball 
President Gary Enriquez
 Fremont Baseball Inc.     
President David Currie

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President Curtis Banks
Los Gatos Pony Baseball 
President Chris Ray

 Morgan Hill Pony Baseball
Morgan Hill PONY Baseball
President Tom Moorehead

   San Jose PAL
Sgt. Jim Ureta and Rickie Suarez Jr.
Santa Clara Pony Baseball  
 President Chuck Blair

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President Jon Wolf

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