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The North Zone will provide the Mustang 9, Bronco 11-12, Pony 13 and Palomino 17-19 Zone winners with some funding to assist in securing airline or other means of transportation to the World Series sites in 2014.  The sites have been identified on   

This change is due to several reasons.  In the past, tickets were secured through the Group Sales office, and allowed us to provide a one-time name change 72 hours in advance of the flight.  This service added 30% to the cost of the tickets—a significant amount.  Another factor is the fact that teams were required to leave and return to the same airport, which may not even be close to their homes.  With the 72-hour requirement, it also meant that teams might have to spend additional time at the Zone site at their own expense waiting for a departure for the World Series.  

The new procedure may allow the teams to obtain a better price, select the airline, and select the airport of their choice or perhaps another mode of transportation to the World Series site.  

Leagues/Teams planning to participate in the 2014 Zone tournaments should begin early in considering their transportation options and begin fundraising to assist in the expenses of this travel.  

Tournament Team registration with the North Zone is a one-time fee of $200.00 per team.  Twenty-five dollars of that amount is placed in a tournament pool and one-third of this tournament pool will be given to each team traveling to their respective World Series site.   

For instance, last year we had a 125 tournament teams. That created a pool of $3,125.00.  One third of that amount, $1,042.00 was provided to each of these three Zone winners traveling to the World Series in California.  In addition, the North Zone provided $1,000.00 to each team traveling.  This is bundled with $1.10 per mile to and from the Zone site to the World Series site.  Following is what each age level Zone winner was provide last year.


PROVIDED New 2014 *

$1.10 Per mile ($2318.00) $2197.00 $2295.00 $2491.00

Zone to W.S.

1/3 of Pool ($1000.00) $1042.00 $1042.00 $1042.00

North Zone ($1000.00) $1000.00 $1000.00 $1000.00


$1.10 Per mile

W.S. to Return ($2318.00) $2197.00 $2295.00 $2491.00

TOTAL $6636.00 * $6436.00 $6424.00 $7025.00

The World Series return money from the World Series site is provided upon return by the World Series host.

* Please note that we will be adding a Mustang 9 Tournament team to this equation for 2014. The pool money will now be divided four ways instead of three ways. We have had Mustang 9 Tournament teams in the past and their money was added to the pool already. So we all really need to work hard to increase our tournament teams to help support our teams travel. If you look at the return on the $200.00 investment it still is a pretty good return on your money, if you make it to a World Series Tournament.

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