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11 November 2014

11 NOVEMBER 2014

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2015 Southwest Boundaries are defined as all of San Diego County. San Diego County is the Southwest Region. If you live in San Diego County you can choose to play at any PONY League in the Southwest Region 
(San Diego County)

Thank you to the following leagues for hosting our 2014 Southwest Region Tournaments

San Marcos

We are already being asked about hosting in 2015. If you are interested please send me an email.

Congratulations to all of our All-Star Teams in 2014. 

Special kudos to Chula Vista North PONY for making it to the Zone Tournament 
(4 Levels of play)
2015 West Zone Shetland 4 League Rules
2015 West Zone Shetland League Rules
2015 West Zone Pinto League Machine Pitch Rules
2015 West Zone Pinto League Kid Pitch Rules

The BBCOR decertification process has been implemented on the following bat(s):

Reebok Vector TLS 32-inch model

Reebok Vector TLS 33-inch model

Marucci CAT5 33-inch model

Marucci CAT5 34-inch model

Marucci Black 33-inch model

Marucci Black 34-inch model

Nike CX2-BT0636 (light grey)

Nike CX2-BTO573 (dark grey)

Nike CX2-BTO598 (blue)

The BPF decertification process has been implemented on the following bat(s):
Louisville Slugger (Hillerich & Bradsby) TPX Dynasty - 12 bat (Model - YB12D - black/red/grey)

Mattingly Balistk (Model: BTKYB) Blue


These bats should be considered a non-compliant bat in accordance with
PONY Rule: 8-C (3) and subject to PONY Rule 18-E (6).

They are ILLEGAL!


Important Reminder:

Please ensure that all board members, managers, coaches and players are familiar with your current league boundaries. League boundaries for ALL STAR eligibility are based on where you live and not where you choose to play.
Proof of Residency is required for all players that will participate in PONY Sanctioned Tournaments.


*Rule: 4 (F) ... "Only players whose residence, as determined by the residence of their parents or legal guardians is within the approved league boundaries shall be considered "legal" players for tournament play."

If at any time you need clarification regarding your league boundaries, please contact your League President. 
Membership in the PONY Baseball and Softball Alumni Association shall include, but is not limited to, former players, coaches, umpires, league officials, volunteers, parents, Field Directors and anyone who has participated in the PONY program in some capacity. Active members shall be those who agree to the objectives of the Association, express interest in the future of PONY Baseball and Softball, pay the annual membership dues and abide by the association by-laws. The primary objective of the Alumni Association through annual membership is to support an Alumni Scholarship Program. Post-secondary scholarships are available to qualified candidates in each of the four state-side zones, Asia-Pacific Zone, Caribbean Zone, Canada and Mexico. A fully completed application for membership can be made to PONY Baseball and Softball along with a tax deductible contribution of $25.00.

Alumni Application

Interested in receiving a scholarship for school? Take a look at the application below. In 2010, PONY Baseball ALUMNI granted multiple scholarships. $1,500 was given to a former PONY player in the West Zone who lives in Mira Mesa. APPLY BELOW.

For information about PONY Baseball or Softball in the
San Diego area contact:

Keith Spencer





North Section

 Steve Hoveln


East Section
Ron Doster
South Section
Willie Lessier
Field Directors
Mary Lou Doster (East)
Marie Hoveln (North)
Jaime DeVera (North)
Dennis Profit (North)
Dan Korgie (South)
Tammy Thomas (South)
Brian Arrington (South)
Will Lampkin (South)
Rick Ylagan (South)
Sam Gaea (East)
 Donna Clark (South)
Albert Frescas (North)
Joey Martinez (South)
Ron Harris (South)
Ritchie Ludwick (South)
David White (South)
Liz Morales (South)
Cameron Clark (South)
John Vargas (East)



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