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Objectives of the program are:
  • To support the establishment and development of a scholarship program for PONY Baseball and Softball graduates.
  • To produce a database and maintain contact with PONY Alumni including former players, coaches, umpires, league officials, volunteers, Field Directors, parents, and anyone who has participated in the PONY program in some manner.
  • To identify PONY Alumni who contribute time and resources to benefit PONY Baseball and Softball and to recognize them with appropriate publicity and awards.
  • To assist PONY Baseball and Softball in following player careers after graduation from the program regarding noteworthy achievements in society or professions and recognize them.
  • To coordinate and assist PONY Baseball and Softball Zones in organizing and conducting reunions and other activities by establishing alumni chapters in the various Zones.
  • To assist PONY Baseball and Softball in the collection and display of PONY memorabilia and historical items.
  • To provide an additional structure to assist PONY Baseball and Softball International Headquarters as requested.
  • To act in harmony with the PONY Baseball and Softball Board of Directors with whom the ultimate control of the Alumni Association is vested.
  • To contribute information articles to PONY publications and other media to support and promote PONY Baseball and Softball.

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