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   PONY News


2009 Girls Softball Rule Changes



* Changes are in bold/italics

Regular Season Play:

Page 4 League Regulation 2 – Team

Sec 2 Changed to read: A player’s age as of December 31 determines the age in which the player is eligible to play the following year.

Page 7 League Regulation 10 – Mangers and Coaches

Sec 2 Amended to read: Not more than three coaches may be appointed by the league officers to assist the team manager in fulfillment of those duties assigned to the manager.

(A total of four coaches)

Page 8 Altered Bat

Rule 1 Change to read: Altered or doctored bat are any bats that are

Sec 1 subjected to pressure in any manner that exceeds that of striking the bat against an approved ball traveling at game like speeds. Such excess pressure would include, but is not limited to, any compression, rolling, placing in a vice, hitting a stationary object such as a pole, etc.

Players will not use any bat that shows any visible sign or wear on the barrel, knob, cap or plug. Umpires and/or Directors are authorized in their discretion to remove from play any bat which shows wear such as worn off or cracked graphics or damaged barrels, handles, tapers, plugs, caps or knobs. Umpires and/or Directors in their discretion may remove the offending bat from the game or tournament and return it at the end of the game. If such a bat is brought back into play, the coach and player of such bat may be suspended from PONY play for up to one year.

Page 9 Batting order

Rule 1added: Uniform numbers are required on line-up card.

Sec 9

Page 18 Pivot Foot

Rule 1 Change to read: (FP ONLY) the pivot foot may remain in contact

Sec 52 with or may push off and drag away from the pitching plate prior to the front foot touching the ground, as long as the pivot foot remains in contact with the ground. Pushing off with the pivot foot from a place other than the pitcher’s plate is illegal.

Page 20 Pitching Distance

Rule 2 Changed 18U pitching distance to 43’

Sec 3

Page 21 The Official Bat

Rule 3 Add e.

Sec 1e1. must bear either the ASA approved 2000 certification

mark, and must not be listed on an ASA non approved list, or

2. must be included on a list of approved bat models published by the ASA National Office; or

3. must, in the sole opinion and discretion of the umpire, has been manufactured prior to 2000 and if tested, would comply with the ASA bat performance standards then in effect.

Page 22 Official Softball

Rule 3 Add k: The dynamic stiffness of softballs not exceeds 7,500

Sec 3k lbs/inchwhen tested under current proposed ASTM tests methods.

Page 24 Gloves/Mitts

Rule 3 Add: Optic yellow to the circle colors not allowed on gloves

Sec 7

Page 24 Shoes

Rule 3 18U - Metal Spikes may be worn

Sec 8

Page 25 Uniform

Rule 3 Added: All questions regarding uniforms must be addressed

Sec 11 immediately upon player(s) entering game. Otherwise the

uniform(s) will be acceptable for that game.

Page 26 Uniform

Rule 3 Added: A pitcher shall not wear any item on the pitching hand,

Sec 11 wrist, arm or thigh, which may be distracting to the batter.

Page 26 Uniform

Rule 3 Deleted h. sunglasses


Page 36 Shetland Rules

Rule 6 Add #16: all other slow pitch rules applies


Page 37 Pinto Rules

Rule 6 Add #13: intentional walks are not allowed


Page 38 Machine Pitch

Rule 6 Add #15: infield fly rule is not in effect

C15, C16, C17 #16: no drop third strike

#17: intentional walks are not allowed

Page 76 Umpires

Rule 11 Amended to read: The umpire will not be a member of either team

Sec 1a (i.e. player, coach, manager, officer, scorer, sponsor or parent).

Page 77 Umpires

Rule 11 Changed navy blue pants to heather grey.

Tournament Play:

Page 96 Tournament Play rules for Travel/Select

Sec 4 Removed Section 4 – Tournament Team Emblems

Page 96 Tournament Play rules for Travel/Select

Sec 5a Added to a: all qualifying games must be one (1) hour and twenty (20) minutes or more, unless weather is a factor. No drop dead time on any game played.

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