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Baseball Rule Changes


INSERTION: 2019 (Approved 2017 as 2017-R-14)

DESCRIPTION: No out on 6th pitch foul

RULE: 9-E, PAGE 20-21

RULE CHANGE: Amend rule to say batter is not out on 6th pitch foul ball.

INSERTION: 2019 (Approved 2017 as 2017-R-19)


RULE: 9-D, PAGE 20

RULE CHANGE: Remove: Shetland 6U: Batters are not permitted to bunt at the ball on the tee.
Add: Shetland 6U to the Pinto 8U in the last sentence of this rule.
New wording: Shetland 6U and Pinto 8U: Batters are not permitted to bunt or soft swing at the ball.

INSERTION: 2019 (Approved 2017 as 2017-R-22)

DESCRIPTION: Metric sensor on/in bat approval for league and tournament play

RULE: 8-C, PAGE 18

RULE CHANGE: The bat’s knob may be solid or hollowed to house an embedded metric sensor. If a sensor is used, it shall (1) not affect performance; (2) be secured by a locking mechanism and a back-up mechanism to keep it in place; and (3) have a distinguishing “off-line” mode to prevent data from being accessed during a game.

INSERTION: 2019 (Approved 2017 as 2017-R-23)

DESCRIPTION: Eligibility for Tournament Play

RULE: 1-E, PAGE 14

RULE CHANGE: Organization leagues shall be composed of any number of teams, but must register all teams in an age division to be eligible for Tournament Play.

INSERTION: 2019 (Approved 2017 as 2017-R-24)

DESCRIPTION: Pinto Pitching Distance

RULE: 7-B, PAGE 15

RULE CHANGE: Increase pinto 8U pitching distance to 40 feet for player pitch only.

INSERTION: 2019 (Approved 2018 as 2018-R-15)

DESCRIPTION: Remove 3 consecutive day limit for pitching

RULE: 10-D & T-8-A

RULE CHANGE: Remove the following language: *No pitcher shall appear in a game as a pitcher for three consecutive days, regardless of the pitch count.

INSERTION: 2019 (Approved 2018 as 2018-R-17)

DESCRIPTION: Batting Helmet Jaw Protector

RULE: 8-E-1 & 8-O

RULE CHANGE: Use of properly fastened protective face masks, jaw guards and chin straps on protective headgear is recommended. Altering protective headgear is prohibited.

Girls Softball Rule Changes

Girls Softball Rule Changes for 2019

Regular Season Play:

Page 17 Equipment - Official Softball
Rule 3 Sec 3a - a. shall be a regular, smooth-seamed, concealed stitched or raised seamed ball.

Page 35 Illegal Pitch penalty
Rule 7 Sec 7 Effect -  Any infraction of Rule 7-1-7-7. The penalty for an illegal pitch is a ball awarded to the batter. If the batter hits the ball and reaches first base on the batted ball, the illegal pitch is nullified. All action as a result of the batted ball stands.
Exception: The manager has the option to take the result of the play, or illegal pitch.

Page 48 Intentional Walk
Rule 9 Sec 2c Pinto Rules POE 22 - d. When batter is intentionally walked. Note: Maximum of 3 intentional walks per inning. The coach, pitcher or catcher of the defensive team may request an intentional walk before or during the plate appearance. The ball is dead and no pitch needs to be thrown.

Page 62 & 64 Umpires

Rule 11 Sec 9b - Removed b from Section 9
Deleted wording from note: “These are guidelines for umpires”

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