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The Idaho law is found at Title 33 section 33-1625 of the Idaho Code, under the title dealing with education and the chapter on courses of instruction. (Idaho Code Ann. § 33-1625). On March 30, 2016, the Governor signed Idaho H.B. 557 into law amending

Idaho law requires that the State Board of Education and the Idaho High School Activities Association develop guidelines and provide access to information in accordance with the standards of Centers for Disease Control regarding concussions and head injury through an internet link. The law applies to any middle, junior high or high school in Idaho participating in organized sport and defines a youth athlete as an individual under 18 years old. Every youth athlete and their parent/guardian shall receive concussion guidelines annually. Coaches, referees, game officials, game judges, and athletic trainers shall review the guidelines biennially. A youth athlete suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury or exhibiting the signs/symptoms of concussion or head injury shall be removed from play and may not return to play until evaluated and authorized to return to play by a qualified health care professional. Each school participating in organized athletics shall develop protocol for removal of a student athlete from play. The law defines a qualified health care professional. The statute also provides liability protection for individuals providing that the protocol for removing a student athlete is followed. Any youth or sports organization choosing to follow the Idaho concussion statute will be afforded the same liability protection. The 2016 amendments require schools to obtain written consent from parents/guardians each year attesting that a copy of the concussion guidelines have been received and acknowledging the inherit risk of athletic participation and authorizing the youth athlete’s participation. The amendment also recognizes that a student who has been concussed may need accommodations, modification of curriculum, and medical monitoring. A student should fully resume all academic activities without restriction or accommodation prior to receiving authorization to return to play from a qualified health care professional

The text of the Section 33-1625 can be viewed online at:

The following website offers additional information regarding Idaho concussion law:

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