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JDP Volunteer Screening – Ensure Safety for everyone in your League
JDP proudly provides volunteer screening services to some of the largest Youth Sports organizations in the country, helping them to protect players, coaches, volunteers and more. JDP has the expertise to guide PONY Leagues in uncovering violations before allowing coaches and volunteers to work with children.

Necessity to protect players
If you’re like most nonprofits and volunteer organizations, it’s likely you have limited resources. And it goes without saying that you’re incredibly grateful for the help you get. But to ensure the safety of your members — and those you serve — it’s absolutely critical to perform thorough background checks on all of your volunteers and staffers.

It is highly recommended that volunteers are screened initially and on an annual basis so that new crimes are identified.

It is affordable
JDP has partnered with PONY Baseball and Softball to provide a quick, efficient and automated volunteer screening process at a reasonable price. Utilizing our proprietary database to provide near instant background information at a low cost, we deliver an affordable program with easy access for the leagues securely on the Internet.

Local background checks can be free, so why JDP?
Local background checks are certainly not discouraged; however, there are serious drawbacks to relying on local searches entirely. This is why a national criminal record database search is strongly recommended in addition to local county criminal searches.

Receive actionable information that complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Local police departments might provide information that is not FCRA-compliant, such as arrest records, which cannot be used to make decisions with a volunteer. JDP Volunteer screening utilizes our national criminal file database and reports only actionable information to organizations as outlined by the FCRA. IMPORTANT: The information contained on this page is offered only as a courtesy, and is not intended as legal advice as to your hiring / volunteer policies and cannot be relied on as such. JDP disclaims any warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information set forth herein. You should consult your legal counsel regarding applicable legal obligations.

The JDP - PONY partnership provides access to industry-leading screening services provided to PONY at an exclusive, dramatically discounted price. For additional information and to signup please follow the Link below:



Once you complete signup you can call (855) 940-3232 to setup billing for your background checks.

Products and pricing are listed below, including the waived registration fee.

Base Package
Price: $4.12

   ID Search (Social Security Validation)
   JDP National Criminal Search
   National Sex Offender Search
   Registration Fee WAIVED


ID Search
Provides information from a credit bureau on an applicant’s current and past addresses based on an
applicant’s Social Security Number (SSN). Address History provides a comprehensive report with the
   Full name and / or alternate names associated with information provided
   State & Date of Issuance
   Death Master Index

JDP National Criminal Search
Searches the following sources:
   Criminal Records (450m+),
   Sex Offender Registries
   FBI Terrorist List
   Proprietary Offender Data
   Department of Public Safety
   Administrative Office of the Courts
   Department of Corrections (DOC)
   Federal/State/Local Wanted Fugitive Lists.

The JDP National Criminal Search is continually updated with local and state level records from a variety of states across the US. However, not all states or jurisdictions provide or update records on a consistent basis or at all.

JDP National Sex Offender Search
The JDP NSOR searches for all 50 states and includes listings of registered sex offenders.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our client services team.
PONY Client Services Team
Phone: (855) 940-3232
[email protected]

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