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The Arizona law is found at Section 15-341(24)(b) of the Arizona Code, under the title dealing with education and the chapter dealing with local governance of schools and the powers and duties of local school districts. (Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 15-341(24)(b)).

Arizona law requires the governing board of the school district to prescribe and enforce policies related to the health and safety of students, including developing guidelines and forms about the dangers of concussions and head injuries. The policies must require that before a student participates in the activity the student and the parent/guardian must sign a form once a year stating they are aware of the nature and risks of concussions. The policy must also require that a student suspected of having a concussion be immediately removed from the activity by a coach, official, or licensed health care provider. A child may return the same day if a health care provider, as defined by the statute, rules out a suspected concussion. Subsequently, a child may return to play only after evaluation and receiving written clearance from a health care provider who is trained with regard to the evaluation and management of concussions and head injuries. The law also contains immunity provisions for health care providers and for school districts. 

This law applies to any group or organization that uses property or facilities owned by a school district for athletic activities. The law does not apply to teams that are based in another state and that participate in an athletic activity in Arizona. The definition of “athletic activity” does not currently include dance, rhythmic gymnastics, competitions or exhibitions of academic skills or knowledge or other similar forms of physical non-contact activities, civic activities or academic activities, whether engaged in for the purposes of competition or recreation.

The official version of section 15-341(24)(b) is currently available online at:

(Scroll down to Section 24(b).

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