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The Nebraska law is found at sections 71-9101 to 71-9106 of the Nebraska Code, and is entitled the Concussion Awareness Act. This Act falls under the title dealing with public health and welfare. (Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 71-9101 through 71-9106). 

§ 71-9104 requires that each school make concussion training available to all coaches of school athletic teams; an information sheet about concussions be distributed to students and parents on an annual basis before any participation by a student in an athletic activity; and that any student suspected of sustaining a concussion is removed from the activity and not permitted to return until evaluated by a health care professional and given written clearance from the health care professional and along with a signed permission to resume participation by their parent/guardian. The law requires parents to be notified if their child is removed from an activity under this section. §71-9104 also requires that each approved, accredited, public, private, denominational, or parochial school establish a return to learn protocol for students sustaining a concussion and returning to school. 

Section 71-9105 is directed to city, village, business or nonprofit organizations that organize youth athletic activities where athletes 19 years and younger are required to pay a fee to participate or where the cost is sponsored by a business or nonprofit group. These groups are required to: make concussion training available to coaches; provide concussion information sheets to coaches and parents; and, if any player is suspected of sustaining a concussion, remove the player from the activity, and the player is not permitted to return until the player is evaluated by a licensed health care professional and given written clearance, and has written permission to return from their parent/guardian. This section requires the organization to notify a parent/guardian if their child has been removed from participation for a suspected concussion, as well as the time and date of the injury, the symptoms observed, and any attempted treatment of the symptoms.

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