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The Utah law is called the Protection of Athletes with Head Injuries Act, and is found at Sections 26-53-101 through 26-53-401 of the Utah Health Code. (Utah Code Ann. §§ 26-53-101 through 26-53-401). 

Utah law requires amateur sports organizations to adopt and enforce concussion policies.  The statute defines “amateur sports organization to include a sports team, a public or private school, a public or private sports league, a public or private sports camp and any other public or private organization that organizes, manages, or sponsors a sporting event of its members, enrollees, or attendees.  A child is defined as an individual under the age of eighteen (18).  Before permitting a child to participate, the organization must provide parents/guardians information on concussion policies and the parents/guardians must sign a form acknowledging their understanding of the concussion policy.  If a child is suspected of sustaining a concussion, the child shall be immediately removed from participation and may not return until evaluated by a health care professional and cleared in writing.  The health care provider issuing clearance for return to play must have completed a continuing education course within the three (3) years prior to issuing clearance and authorization for return to play.

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The following website offers additional information regarding Utah concussion law:

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