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Welcome to the 2016 PONY Baseball and Softball season. Whether you live in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Texas, California or the Northeast, the baseball and softball season is here. A year's worth of work planning, signups, scheduling, coach training, umpire training, field maintenance, field permits, tryouts, draft, fundraising, registration and parents has been done. The season is here ready or not.

We have been working on a new website to coincide with the start of the new season. Our staff and Technology Committee have been hard at work behind the scene and we are finally ready. The new 2016 PONY web site is here and we are proud to roll out the newest version.

This is our fifth generation web site. We have added a lot of new functionality, graphics, enhanced the navigability and layered in topical and geographic pages for our membership. This should enhance the user experience. We moved over a lot of pertinent information that is timeless and rewritten and updated entire sections to be more current.

We are launching the new web site a little earlier than originally scheduled. Some of the content is still being moved over and some of the content is still being developed, but we needed to roll out the new web site to coincide with the season start and hope that our editors can fill in quickly.

The new web site is always going to be a work in progress. As soon as we finish a section, a page or a news story, something new is happening and the web site needs to be updated, edited and revised. It is a never ending process. 

Please note that if you have links or bookmarks into our old site you may need to update those links to coincide with their new locations at the new PONY.ORG.  We will be posting a few infographics with the locations of some of the websites hot topic areas in the homepage slideshow to help you get started.

We have also added quick links to our presence on social media.  You will find links to PONY on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest.  Feel free to like us and add us as a friend. 

You’ll also find we’ve update our news site, from an external service to one built directly into the new PONY.ORG. We’ve also increased our contributing editorship from 5 to 70 editors from around the globe to keep you up to date with PONY happenings worldwide.  As before we will be syndicating news out to social media as well, so if your are our friend you’ll see our news in your social media streams. 

Let us know what you think, good or bad.  What are we missing, what would you like to see added or deleted. This is your web site so help us with your constructive criticism  Many thanks. 

Abraham Key
President and CEO
PONY Baseball and Softball

PONY Baseball and Softball

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