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Background Check Services

First Advantage® Screening Solutions
An industry leading screening resource at a substantially reduced price PONY Baseball and Softball has partnered with First Advantage® Screening Solutions to provide background screening services to PONY leagues. First Advantage screening Solutions offers premier-level, Web-based screening tools that will help you easily and effectively screen both employees and volunteers, at a substantially reduced price through a unique partnership with PONY. Pricing and registration information are included. 

First Advantage® Screening Solutions combines advanced technology and an extensive depth and breadth of data to provide fast, accurate results, and a convenient, easy-to-use Web site for ordering reports and receiving results. 

To promote the safest and most secure environment possible, it is strongly encouraged to screen all employees and volunteers, both new and existing, especially personnel who interact with children.
Why should you screen your employees and volunteers? 

It is a necessary part of doing business
Just as private sector businesses carefully screen the people who interact with their customers, nonprofits must – at a bare minimum – screen the people who will have access to vulnerable populations such as children or the elderly. Not screening volunteers and employees puts an organization at serious physical, financial and legal risk, should an undesirable employee- or volunteer-related event occur.  

It is affordable
Several years ago, performing a background check was a manual process that was expensive and time-consuming, making it cost-prohibitive for most nonprofit organizations. Today, First Advantage Screening Solutions utilizes advanced technology and sophisticated nationwide databases to provide near instant access to background information at a low cost, making background screening affordable and accessible for nonprofits securely on the Internet. 

Why updated rescreening is important
A direct correlation was made by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (“ACFE”) between length of employment and the size of the loss from employee theft and fraud. The 2006 ACFE Report to the Nation found that workers employed with a company for 10 or more years caused a median loss of $263,000, while employees tenured one year or less caused a median loss of $45,000. 

The critical factors surrounding this correlation are those of trust and opportunity. As volunteers and employees gain tenure within an organization, a greater amount of trust is placed in the individual, resulting in greater access to valuable organizational assets. This trust provides opportunities for misappropriation. 

There are several additional factors contributing to the need for regularly-scheduled volunteer and employee rescreening: 

Offenses may not be reported by the individual
The longer a volunteer or employee works for an organization, the more outdated their initial screening profile becomes. Despite a clear initial background check, individuals can commit offenses after joining an organization, and often seek to hide this information. 

People are more mobile than ever
Ease of transportation provides greater mobility and increased opportunity to commit a crime in another jurisdiction and then return to work, making it difficult for an organization to learn of the offense through traditional means.
Drug use affects a person's behavior, which can lead to violence or other illegal activities.
A 2005 study by the Institute for a Drug Free Workplace showed that 75 percent of all drug abusers are employed, creating potential safety hazards for themselves and those around them.
In most cases, it is recommended to perform an annual national criminal record database search on all employees and volunteers. 

Local background checks can be free, so why use First Advantage Screening Solutions?
Local checks are certainly not discouraged; however, there are serious drawbacks to relying on local searches entirely. Here is why a national criminal record database search is strongly recommended in addition to local county criminal searches. 

Expansive nationwide coverage
We live in an incredibly mobile society where serious offenders often commit their crimes outside of the state or county where they currently reside. A local criminal search alone will not detect these offenses. National database searches are fast and easy, and they cast a much wider net – far beyond the current county of residence. They can reveal offenses that occurred where an applicant has lived, worked and played (i.e., vacations). 

No need to rely on applicant-provided data
Organizations no longer have to rely on the address history provided by individuals on their applications. If an applicant committed an offense in another jurisdiction, they might purposely exclude that address on their application. Performing a local search alone would miss the offense, but a national criminal record database search would reveal the record, regardless of the address information provided by the applicant. 

Receive actionable information that complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
Local police departments might provide information that is not FCRA-compliant, such as arrest records which cannot be used to make hiring decisions. The First Advantage Screening Solutions national criminal record database reports actionable information to organizations as outlined by the FCRA. 

IMPORTANT: The information contained in this document is offered only as a courtesy, and is not intended as legal advice as to your hiring policies and cannot be relied on as such. First Advantage® Risk Solutions disclaims any warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information set forth herein. You should consult your legal counsel regarding applicable legal obligations.
The First Advantage - PONY partnership provides access to industry-leading screening services at dramatically discounted price. Members taking advantage of the partnership will utilize Volunteer Select PLUS:
Products and pricing are listed below, including the waived registration fee. 

Nationwide Searches*
Price: $6.50
First Advantage National Criminal File PLUS+
Registration Fee WAIVED 

First Advantage National Criminal File PLUS+
Provides a comprehensive search of the 260 million First Advantage records in addition to multiple criminal record repositories across all 50 states, such as: 

Department of Corrections (Prison, Parole, Release and Probation Files)
Administrative Office of Courts
Individual County Courts
State Specific Criminal Record Repositories
First Advantage Proprietary Criminal Record Data
Sex Offender Registry Records (48 states plus Washington, D.C.)
Using proprietary technology, First Advantage National Criminal File PLUS will instantly search for alternative names and an address history associated with the candidate's Social Security Number (SSN). 

** Pricing does not include additional education, employment, and reference check out-of-pocket charges such as court access fees, transcript fees and other state registry fees that may apply. Pricing is subject to change. 

- When requesting a local (state or county) criminal search, organizations should review where a candidate has lived, worked and/or attended school for the longest period of time in the last 7–10 years. 

Open a First Advantage Screening Solutions account 
It's easy - simply go to, click “Sign Up Now” on left navigation of the Home page, and follow the registration instructions. But before you begin, here are a few important details about the sign-up process.
Be sure to enter your Promotional Code to ensure you receive your discounted pricing. 

– Your Promotional Code(s):


The normal $175 account set-up fee is waived for you, so disregard any mention of that fee. 

First Advantage Screening Solutions has set the standard for data security within the risk industry. As part of the company's robust security protocol, all organizations must undergo a credentialing process to ensure that only legitimate organizations gain access to sensitive data and that they use it only for appropriate business purposes.

  • On the application, be sure to include a telephone number (work or mobile) where you can be reached for verification during the business day (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET).
  • After submitting the application form, a sign-up form will appear. Please print, complete, and fax this document to First Advantage Screening Solutions at (678) 893-9600. If you have 501(c)3 documentation, please fax it together with the document. IMPORTANT: Including your 501(c)3 documentation will help the approval process go smoothly and quickly.
  • When you have completed the online portion and faxed the requested documents; notify Matthew McGregor or Kurt Jones. Your account set up will be tracked internally
  • Within approximately one week, you will receive a welcome e-mail from First Advantage Screening Solutions once your account is approved. If there are questions or issues with your application, sign-up form or documentation, First Advantage Screening Solutions will contact your organization directly.

The First Advantage Screening Solutions team is ready to assist you with any additional questions you might have regarding your screening service. Customer support is available Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET.
Toll free phone: (800) 853-2414, OPTION 1

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