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West Zone Lower Level Tournament Links

Arizona State Tournaments 
Contact person: Arizona State Region Director
Becky Hiner - [email protected] - 623-328-9661

Hawaii State Tournaments
Contact person: Hawaii State Region Director
Gwen Earll - [email protected] - 808-668-2705

Northwest Region Tournaments
Contact person: Northwest Region State Director (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho)
Ken Hawkins - [email protected] - 253-222-6680

Northern California Division Tournaments
Contact person: Northern California Division Director
Rob Lindsey - [email protected] - 707-718-2192

Northern California Central Region Tournaments
Contact person: Central Region Director
Jim Ureta - [email protected] - 408-655-3725

Contact person: Central Region Asst. Director
Don Simon - [email protected] - 415-602-3302

Northern California Coast Region Tournaments
Contact person: Coast Region Director
Mike Derr  - [email protected] - 831-917-5805

Northern California Northeast Region Tournaments
Contact person: Northeast Region Director
Keith Kondo - [email protected] - 707-372-5450

Southern California Division Tournaments

Contact person: Southern California Division Director
Don Goebel - [email protected] - 951-675-4644

Southern California Central Region Tournaments
Contact person: Central Region Director
Lonnie Smith - [email protected] - 562-818-1537

Southern California East Region Tournaments
Contact person: East Region Director
Steve Workman - [email protected] - 626-917-0315

Southern California North Region Tournaments
Contact person: North Region Director
Elaine Magner - [email protected] - 805-832-2015

Southern California Southeast Region Tournaments
Contact person: Southeast Region Director
Chris Goebel - [email protected] - 951-757-5935

Southern California Southwest Region Tournaments
Contact person: Southwest Region Director
Keith Spencer - [email protected] - 619-905-8425

Southern California West Region Tournaments
Contact person: West Region Director
Martin Vega - [email protected] - 714-980-3740

Southern California So Cal Colt Palomino Thorobred Program Tournaments
Contact person: Program Director
Steve Lange - [email protected] - 626-422-5171

Utah and Colorado State Tournaments
Contact person: Utah and Colorado State Director
Dan Coles - [email protected] - 801-859-3234

West Zone Girls Softball Tournaments
Contact person: West Zone Softball Division Director
Brad Hubbard - [email protected] - 951-288-0500

Champions League:
Champions League Tournaments
Contact person: Champions League Director
Lonnie Smith - [email protected] - 565-818-1537

WEST ZONE Tournaments

Shetland-4 World Series Champion: Walnut, California

Shetland-5 World Series Champion: Chino Hills, California

Shetland NorCal World Series Champion: Marina, California

Shetland SoCal World Series Champion: Simi Valley (Red), California

Pinto-7 West Zone World Series (Player Pitch) Champion: Simi Valley (Red), California

Pinto-7 West Zone World Series (Machine Pitch) Champion: Carlsbad, California

Pinto West Zone World Series (Player Pitch) Champion: East Valley-North Hollywood, California

Pinto West Zone World Series (Machine Pitch) Champion: San Diego (Tecolote), California

Mustang-9 Champion: Mililani, Hawaii

Mustang Champion: Placentia, California

Bronco-11 Champion: Escondido, California

Bronco Champion: East Oahu, Hawaii

Pony-13 Champion: Placentia, California

Pony Champion: Long Beach, California

Colt Champion: Covina, California

Palomino Champion: Los Angeles (MLB Youth Academy), California

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